New Wedding pop up banners

"wedding photography image"

New Wedding Photography banners arrived today

Left banner images from “The Plough Inn A charming four star boutique hotel and AA rosette award winning restaurant set in the beautiful Towy Valley”  & Abberglasney gardens stunning location for wedding photographs no matter what the weather.

Centre banner images from Craig Y Nos Castle a romantic welsh castle  and Country park one of our favourite wedding locations

Right banner, a beautiful winter wedding with lots of snow at “Newtown House  12th- century Welsh castle historic house and 18th century landscape park” with wild deer in the background makes the finishing touches to a stunning image that Gemma & John will treasure.

Gemma & John’s White Winter Wedding

We attend dozens of weddings each year so we thought we’d start sharing more with you!

Back in December 2010 we attended Gemma & John Francis’ wedding which turned out to be an interesting one.  As you will all remember, we all woke up to Snow on Friday 17th December which sent the whole of the UK into panic!  Well, apart from Bride and Groom Gemma and John who were due to get married the following day in Newton House, Llandeilo.

Expecting a stressed out bride we were simply asked to attend The Cawdor Hotel on the morning of the wedding (instead of the Bride’s mums house) as it was closer to Newton House.

Luckily the snow didn’t affect us too much getting to Llandeilo as the roads were pretty clear and we arrived safely in Llandelio to a quite surprisingly calm atmosphere where we met Gemma”s family and four bridesmaids.

What was lovely about this wedding as that the couple didn’t care about the Honeymoon or even the reception at The Fig Tree (Llandelio) – all that mattered is that they were going to get married on that day!

Staff and groundsmen went out of their way to ensure the paths were clear from the main road for all guests and more importantly the Bride to arrive safely.  The only hitch was the car radiator breaking down so we were greeted by a very cold Bride – but still very calm!

The ceremony went with no problems and then we had our time to take the photos of the couple in the beautiful white snow with blue skies (and deer in the background if you look close enough!).

Taking pictures in the snow can be quite difficult as the white snow can appear to have a blue tint, but we managed to ensure the show showed up in the pictures as stunning as it was in person!

We’d done a pre-wedding shoot with Gemma and John and as per usual, we’d prepared for both sunshine and rain, but had not thought we’d have snow to deal with!  I’m sure you’d agree the scenery is stunning in the snow!

After taking the pictures we headed to The Fig Tree for the reception.  Unfortunately the band had cancelled due to the weather , however this didn’t stop the newly wed couple from enjoying their evening, instead, they were given permission from the owner to play the music from their ipods!

It was lovely to spend the day with Gemma and John and so pleased that they liked their photos and Mario Acerboni album (and the 3 parent albums too!)