Pre Wedding Shoot with Steve & Jess

For all our Wedding clients we offer a Free pre wedding shoot, this gives our clients a chance to see how Joanne and i work, but more importantly we also have a chance to see how they are in front of the camera and a good chance to get to know each other a little better.

For you as clients its much better know your photographers then to have met them a year or 2 ago when you made the booking.  then not seeing them till your wedding day.

Steve & Jess @ Craig Y Nos Castle

Steve & Jess are getting married at Craig Y Nos Castle in December, We had the pleasure of spending sometime with them in the grounds of the castle in the pouring rain  yesterday Nov 22, we spent some time in the park area taking photographs while they had fun in the rain before we all had a hot tea/coffee and a bite to eat at the park cafe which was most welcome by us all and recommended when you visit.