Gemma and Kevin’s Wedding (April 2011)

April proved to be a very sunny month, and this was no exception for Gemma and Kevin’s wedding at Manor Park Hotel, Clydach!

Just a few weeks prior to their big day we did our usual pre-wedding shoot on location at Manor Park where we had a pleasure of meeting Katie, their daughter!  It was important for Gemma & Kevin to make sure Katie was comfortable around Jo and I and by the end of the shoot she certainly was!  She loved the camera!  The couple  were a little nervous about having their pics done to start, but like Katie, at the end they were loving the camera too! (And the camera loved them too!)

On their big day, Jo and I went to their family home were we snapped the bridal preparations!  The bride was a little nervous, but most brides are – absolutely nothing to worry about as everything was going to plan and more importantly on time!

The day ran very smoothly and we took pictures throughout including the ceremony and afterwards around the grounds.

We love taking pictures at Manor Park, especially on the balcony as there is so much natural light.

We stayed until after the speeches as we wanted to get pictures of the guests and make sure the  picture mount was signed by the guests.  This always goes down well with the couple as it’s such a personal memory of their day that can be treasured forever!

Louise and Tom’s Wedding (April 2011)

We always find that each wedding has a special little twist to it and no wedding is the same!

Louise and Tom’s wedding in April this year saw a few special guests in attendance!  In amongst the usual relatives, friends and colleagues was Oscar… the dog and a few of his friends too!

People usually say that you shouldn’t work with Children or Dogs, but Oscar was a lovely dog and proved to be great in front of the camera.  Our pre-wedding shoots are usually just the bride and groom, but on this occasion we were accompanied by Oscar!  But I don’t think Louise and Tom could have left him at home as we discovered that Craig y Nos Country Park is a place they frequent for regular walks or what Joanne and I would call hikes!

On the day of the wedding we started off at Craig y Nos Castle where we met Louise’s mum who was more nervous than the Bride!  It might have been something to do with Louise preferring Jeans to dresses in her day-to-day life… with talk that guests thought she might even turn up in her jeans!  Louise looked lovely in her dress and her mum certainly agreed!

The next surprise of the day was when a  noisy VW Campervan arrived to take Louise to the Church down the road.  Tom had arranged it as a surprise for Louise – she was over the moon!

The Callwen Church where the ceremony took place is a lovely little church allowing the wedding to be very intimate and personal.  And soon discovered that it also has great acoustics when the vicar got his guitar out and began playing a song for the couple to which the whole wedding party joined in with!!!


After the ceremony Joanne and I headed down to the Country Park behind Tom and Louise in the campervan to take some more shots.  Little did we know this would turn into a hike around the Castle and lake – It was interesting trying to keep up with them as they were full speed ahead – luckily Joanne and I had come prepared with sensible footwear!

Louise & Tom are a lovely couple and this was added to when they did a collection at the church where half of the donations were given to the church and the other half to The Dogs Trust – a great cause, close to their hearts!

Susan and Mark’s Wedding (April 2011)

We were blessed with lovely weather in April this year and we had the pleasure of taking photographs at some great weddings.

Our April started off with Susan & Mark‘s late afternoon wedding at Oxwch Bay Hotel where we’d been with them just 5 weeks earlier taking some pre-wedding photographs.

Even though Susan & Mark hadn’t had any professional photography done before, they were both great in front of the camera and seemed to really enjoy it!  It’s always a great relief to see the couples at ease with us as it re-assures them that they don’t need to worry about the photography on their big day and they certainly didn’t!

When their big day arrived we were greeted with possibly one of the most chilled out and relaxed couples we’ve come across in our whole time of taking photos at Weddings!  And considering many of their guests had be frantically calling them to tell them there were problems with the traffic in Swansea, it really didn’t seem to phase them!

Apart from a few guests arriving a little bit late to the ceremony everything went smoothly!

We love taking photographs at Oxwich Bay, the scenery is simply beautiful and the marquee at the hotel was stunning too!  They had done a really good job decorating it!

Susan & Mark had only initially planned to have a CD of their wedding photographs, however they seemed to enjoy it so much they’ve opted to have an album too!

Gemma & John’s White Winter Wedding

We attend dozens of weddings each year so we thought we’d start sharing more with you!

Back in December 2010 we attended Gemma & John Francis’ wedding which turned out to be an interesting one.  As you will all remember, we all woke up to Snow on Friday 17th December which sent the whole of the UK into panic!  Well, apart from Bride and Groom Gemma and John who were due to get married the following day in Newton House, Llandeilo.

Expecting a stressed out bride we were simply asked to attend The Cawdor Hotel on the morning of the wedding (instead of the Bride’s mums house) as it was closer to Newton House.

Luckily the snow didn’t affect us too much getting to Llandeilo as the roads were pretty clear and we arrived safely in Llandelio to a quite surprisingly calm atmosphere where we met Gemma”s family and four bridesmaids.

What was lovely about this wedding as that the couple didn’t care about the Honeymoon or even the reception at The Fig Tree (Llandelio) – all that mattered is that they were going to get married on that day!

Staff and groundsmen went out of their way to ensure the paths were clear from the main road for all guests and more importantly the Bride to arrive safely.  The only hitch was the car radiator breaking down so we were greeted by a very cold Bride – but still very calm!

The ceremony went with no problems and then we had our time to take the photos of the couple in the beautiful white snow with blue skies (and deer in the background if you look close enough!).

Taking pictures in the snow can be quite difficult as the white snow can appear to have a blue tint, but we managed to ensure the show showed up in the pictures as stunning as it was in person!

We’d done a pre-wedding shoot with Gemma and John and as per usual, we’d prepared for both sunshine and rain, but had not thought we’d have snow to deal with!  I’m sure you’d agree the scenery is stunning in the snow!

After taking the pictures we headed to The Fig Tree for the reception.  Unfortunately the band had cancelled due to the weather , however this didn’t stop the newly wed couple from enjoying their evening, instead, they were given permission from the owner to play the music from their ipods!

It was lovely to spend the day with Gemma and John and so pleased that they liked their photos and Mario Acerboni album (and the 3 parent albums too!)