Helen & Andrew pre wedding shoot

Pre Wedding shoot with Helen & Andrew.

It was a freezing cold & windy day when we headed to the seafront at llanelli,  we had a laugh about each others hats they looked quite funny sticking up and blowing in the air.  We discussed  their up coming wedding while having some fun taking photographs, we all enjoyed the walk along the front, before we headed off  for some hot coffee and cakes,  we discussed the plans for the wedding day which was only a few weeks away, including plans for what we would do if the weather was bad on the day.

pre wedding photography

Cold wind day in Llanelli

120115-AUG_9943 120115-AUG_9954 120115-AUG_9965

After getting married  Helen & Andrew commentated on how they enjoyed the pre wedding shoot, and in turn how this had been a great help making it less stressful and more enjoyable when it came to photographs on the wedding day.

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