Catrin and Gavin’s Wedding at Aberglasney Gardens & Llandelio (June 2011)

June saw us returning to one of our favourite locations, Aberglasney Gardens in Carmarthenshire for Catrin and Gavin’s wedding.  We love taking wedding photographs here as the inside of the house and gardens has the best natural lighting and lots of brickwork which looks great in the photos.

Our first stop was the pre-wedding shoot about 3 weeks prior to the big day to get Catrin and Gavin comfortable in front of the camera.  We took some great photos (even if we do say so our sleves!).  Catrin and Gavin had no problems with having their photos taken and made the shoot quite fun!  Certainly a theme for the rest of the wedding!

On the morning of the wedding we had thunder showers and heavy downfalls.  The weather report said that it would stop by midday and it certainly did, on the way to the ceremony!  It didn’t get Catrin down, she seemed to be having a great time with her bridesmaids.

After the ceremony we headed to Aberglasney Gardens.  The beauty about this place is that no matter what the weather you can still get some great shots! With a little bit of rain here and there we managed to get some more great shots and before we knew it, the sun was back out shining!

The reception took place in the Plough Inn, a boutique hotel in Llandelio. It was the normal proceedings for a wedding reception, that was until the Groom got up to do his speech!  A little different from the norm, he went behind the curtains and reappeared with his trousers in his hands!  This was the gift for his new wife – as apparently, she wears the trousers.  He continued to do his speech in his bright pink boxer shorts!  (Luckily he put them back on – well, after 1 hour!)

We stayed to take more pictures of the guests and requested that they signed the mount with a photo from their pre-wedding shoot!  This always goes down well with the wedding couple!

And to finish we were asked to take a picture of the couple with the band – we’re still not sure if Gavin can actually play the guitar!

We had a great day at the wedding!  Lots of fun and laughter had by all!

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